How to Deal with Employee Burnout

Are you feeling unaccomplished and drained? Are you experiencing frequent headaches and muscle aches? Do you often feel irritated and tired whenever you are in your workplace? If you have answered yes to all these questions, you are experiencing worker  or employee burnout.

What is Employee Burnout

Employee burnout is an important issue requiring immediate attention. It is a condition when an employee experiences physical and emotional exhaustion. It may cause various problems in the workplace if it is not resolved at once.

Employees, who experience burnout, display sudden changes in work ethics and behavior towards co-workers. They become cynical and stressed out. They also become less productive because they do not feel any personal achievement. These types of behaviors often result in an employee’s disregard and withdrawal from his or her job.

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Causes of Burnout

Several work-related, personality and context factors causing employee burnout. These factors include the following:

· Job Demands. Overwhelming job demands may cause an employee to break down because he or she may feel stressed out. Their job may demand too much of their time and attention, which prevents them from focusing on things that make them happy.

· Insufficient Control. Some employees do not have full control over their existing resources. They let their work rule their lives. As a result, employees become haggard and experience higher levels of burnout.

· Conflicting Values. There will come a time when an employee is forced to do something unethical in order to keep his or her job. Conflicting values is a source of employee burnout because it leads to a higher job turnover.

· Unfairness. Favoritism is a common occurrence in a workplace. Bosses may rule in favor of one employee over another. This is very unhealthy since it leads to unequal workload, unjust pay and forgotten job promotions. This causes job frustration and employee resignation.

It is essential to know the causes of burnout. Managers and companies should know its negative effects in order to prevent any unresolved issues from escalating.

Preventing Burnouts

Now that you know the different causes of worker burnout, it is time to know the different ways to prevent it. Preventive measures include the following:

· Plan ahead. If you are a manager, you have the responsibility of delegating tasks effectively. Disperse work-related tasks to your subordinates evenly. This way, each employee will have a share in the total workload without having to assign it to only a few individuals.

· Proper work-life balance. Never let your work dictate how you should live your life. Create some time for yourself. Enjoy and relax. Take a breather and stop working for a few minutes. Do not let your social life go. Interact with other people. Go to parties and make sure to have some fun.

· Communicate. Do not be afraid to voice out your problems. Effective communication is the key to a healthy working environment. Keeping your negative feelings bottled up inside you will only lead to bigger problems. Say your job expectations and career plan to let your boss know that you are serious about your work.

Compared to other office issues, employee burnout is easy to address if it is detected early.

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