Technology and Innovation are the Marks of Google’s Success

Google’s rise to the top is phenomenal. It is so phenomenal that the word Google has been introduced as a vernacular that means, “to search”, and by searching you use Google. Information is the driving force of Google’s success. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are students at Stanford University when they began collaborating the concept of search engine. Their company grew into a behemoth where it added to applications such as Google shopping, Google Adsense, YouTube , Google Books, Picasa, Maps, Doodles, and everything that you need to live with ease.


Googling the Meaning of Success

The story of Google’s success is that it has become something we can’t live without: the search for information. So we wonder what constitute the success of this business? Some of the most influential business ideas they have is this:

  • Leadership. The founders have reflected their vision and values to their employees where they treated working compared to a collegial atmosphere. Everything from the food, building, spaces, coaching, and activities boil down to this thirst for sharing, networking, and information sharing.
  • Innovation. We can’t imagine the innovation Google does to make its customers happy and satisfied with the product. Their brilliant workers are paid to think. Innovation begins and ends with the customer in mind.
  • Collective entrepreneurs. Here is a network organization that is composed of bloggers, advertisers, users, business persons, and big corporations whose primary aim is to make money out of a business opportunity. Google gave you the opportunity to make use of their platforms to discover something new for yourself that would eventually make you a millionaire, or simply making money out of their applications.
  • Advertisers. You could not imagine the bulk of advertisers who is on Google. They have made a killing of profit from advertisers in billions of dollars.
  • Google’s focus on the user has made them very successful. Imagine a business that placed user over revenues. For example, the instant search feature answered your need for quickness. The great user experience has made them very popular with people like us who want to get information quickly.
  • It’s okay to fail, but be creative. So your failure is your badge of honor. This has been Google’s message to its employees, and how in the process has given them a sense of mission and purpose.
Larry and Sergey

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

People are their Number One Investment

Have you seen the headquarters of Google in Mountain View California and other office spaces around the world? You would be amazed how they take care of their employees: free food, cars, sleeping pots, mentoring, massage, doctor’s appointment, free laundry and the like. If you work for Google, you need not leave their campus or office because everything is provided for. This is because the founders believed that a happy employee could produce more results. Can you imagine being given twenty percent of your time doing the things you want to do, and be paid for it? Creativeness and abundance of information are two of the things they are looking for in their employees.

Technology and business innovation are the marks of Google’s success. Both are the bread and butter of the company to which its business success is hinged.

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